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The company

Fabbrica Tessile Bossio, three generations with the passion for quality textile

The Fabbrica Tessile Bossio was founded in Bocchigliero in 1966 , and then moved to its current headquarters in Calopezzati at the end of the 1970s. Our company rests on the solid foundations of a family tradition handed down from generation to generation in a territorial context in which textile craftsmanship has always permeated lives.

The colors of Mediterranean landscape brighten the view, the geometric designs of the fabrics tell of secret Byzantine codes, natural yarns express a land where the crops of mulberry, linen, hemp and wild broom have characterized our landscapes and our economies.

The union between tradition and modernity relives in all our textile production: ancient designs handed down from generation to generation and the comfort of modern manufactures. Carefully studied models and lines as result of a passionate research. The attention to details and the uniqueness of each product are synonymous of an exclusively handcrafted product.

Broom project

The broom project, the flagship of our company, is the result of a great work of conservation and reworking of the ancient techniques for the extraction and the transformation of the fragrant broom fiber, the  jinestra in the Calabrian declination of the Ionian area of ​​Cosenza.
Our master weaver Pasquale Filippelli conceived this exciting project, chosen by the Fendi maison to make its iconic baguette.

Natural yarns

Fabbrica Tessile Bossio is the custodian of millenary traditions that have their roots in the Magna Graecia and Bretian culture, cohabiting for many centuries in the strip of Calabria between the colonies of  Sýbaris  and  Króton , today’s Sibari and Crotone.
These are techniques for the production of typical Mediterranean yarns, with production processes totally cadenced by the rhythms of nature, accompanied by the rules of water and fire.

Our strengths

On an increasingly globalized and competitive market, the company has kept faith in a production with the highest quality standards: tradition and  attention to details, the choice of colors inspired by nature, the sobriety of the embroideries and decorations, make all the products real exclusive artistic objects. Our mission: to offer original products at the right price to those customers who demand sustainable, ethical and non-standardized textile products.


The choice of natural yarns – mainly through short supply chains – and the carrying out of production processes within our laboratories, guarantee a production with a low ecological footprint. Natural fibers mostly come from small local companies. Packaging is in the process of transitioning to the use of materials with a lower environmental impact: reuse of scraps of canvas, paper and cardboard.

Custom productions

We create customized manufacturing for individuals and businesses. Flexibility, a great added value of small family businesses like ours, allows us to carry out textile productions on demand to respond to the growing demand for quality from customers who are increasingly aware of the value of craftsmanship.


The charm of our handcrafted products, 100% made in Italy, quickly reach distributors and final customers all over the world.

Among our customers

The SetiAmo line represents the arrival point of a long process of experimentation that has managed to achieve the alchemy between the ancient Calabrian tradition of silk and modern technologies, developing textile devices capable of making available the incredible cosmetic and therapeutic properties of silk proteins