Made in Calabria broom fabric, for Fendi!

From Saturday 30 October to Sunday 28 November, Palazzo Civiltà Italiana (Rome), headquarters of Fendi group, will host the exhibition dedicated to Hand in Hand, a wonderful project by Silvia Venturini Fendi to celebrate the iconic baguette bag through the reinterpretation of twenty Italian craftsmen, one for each region. For Calabria, Fendi has chosen Fabbrica Tessile Bossio which contributed by producing the traditional scented broom fabric. A typical fiber of the Calabrian textile tradition whose value lies not only in the environmental sustainability of the raw material and the manufacturing process, but also for being one of the emblematic elements of the landscape and of the typical social life of Calabria. From 28 October to 2 November, Fabbrica Tessile Bossio, together with the technician Pasquale Filippelli, creator of the project, participated in the official presentation of the twenty baguette bags and in the inauguration of the exhibition. An experience that, in addition to giving us enormous enthusiasm, allowed us to deal with many Italian artisan realities and with a passionate and competent international audience to whom we were able to show the creative richness of Calabrian textile craftsmanship. Our thanks go to Fendi for the ability of vision, the perfect organization and for having paid a concrete tribute to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Italian genius by showing the richness and vitality of the local ateliers that make up the texture and strength of Made in Italy.

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