Kitchen line

Originality, versatility and practicality are the characteristics of our textile creations for the kitchen. A very wide range of fabrics, processes and colors to create atmospheres full of charm, in everyday life and for special moments of conviviality.


Kitchen line

bed line

The connube between ancient and modern, makes our bed linen line unique: bedspreads, blankets and accessories, made following ancient and original designs combined with the practicality and safety of a modern manufacture.

Bath line

Linen for daily use which at the same time acts as a piece of furniture for the bathroom. Towels, containers and accessories: all made of cotton and linen , soft to touch and resistant to washing, for personal hygiene wrapped in comfort and beauty.

Baby line

Particular attention has been given to the choice of natural fabrics made for the production of our children’s collection. High quality raw materials, checked during all stages of production to reduce the risk of allergies. Attention to detail, for a product that does not forget practicality.